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  • Nicola Allan

Spring clean time!

It’s 'nearly' spring again and so the perfect time to clear all the 'stuff' that has accumulated over the year and get the house feeling and smelling lovely and fresh again.

You need to prepare before you start cleaning so follow these simple steps:

1. Focus on one particularly room at a time. If you try and do too many rooms, you will become overwhelmed and give up! It makes sense to start upstairs so that you are not dragging all the stuff from upstairs over your newly cleaned floors.

2. Clear the space as you cannot clean properly with lots of things lying around. Sort your items in to 4 piles; keep, sell, donate and bin.

Once you have your four piles, throw away the things fit for the bin, fill the car boot with the items you are going to donate, photograph the items in your 'sell' pile and upload the items to an online auction or classifieds site. Lastly, find a place for all the items in the 'keep' pile and put them away.

3. The big spring clear-out and clean-up takes time and preparation is key, make sure you have all your cleaning equipment and products to hand. You will need plenty cloths, cleaning products and bin bags. Make sure the vacuum cleaner has been emptied and that you have a mop and bucket or steamer to hand. Now the cleaning can begin! To be continued....

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